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How i made my Work
  • Gather Information

    Gather Information

    Start to know what my client needs. Gathering information is the first step of the graphic design process to discuss the scope.

  • Research & Inspiration

    Research & Inspiration

    After all the business details are taken, take time to find inspiration, research similar or competing designs and brainstorm freely.

  • Try Different Things

    Try Different Things

    Having collecting resources and researched styles, you’ve probably come upon new ideas. Try a few different things.

  • Sketches & Wire frames

    Sketches & Wire frames

    Before moving into a software program create some simple sketches of the layout of a piece. share it with my client.

  • Create


    Finalized my content and gotten approval on some sketches move on to the actual design phases of the graphic design.

  • promote


    Start promote the website via my social networking and set my recommendation to a marketing client Team.

Get In touch

Want to hire me for a project, got questions about my work or just want to say hi? Just send me an email or try my online contact form!


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