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The Short

My name's Mahmoud Farrag I’m living in Cairo, Egypt, where I graduated as Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design from Fine Arts University. Since then I have enjoyed working in web design and print.

I am a creative person who is rolex replica passionate about making the best possible experience for people.

I’m working as a freelance web and print designer. this site is a showcase of all my creative work.

Design can make a difference in the world, and i want to be part of the solution,

My desire is to take large, systematic problems and break them down to find innovative, creative solutions. This is achieved through the holistic use of rolex replica frameworks, research, analysis, synthesis, and a splash of creativity. I aim to understand people’s needs in order to create interactive and user-centered solutions in technology, marketing, and communication.

My focus: design attractive, functional, standards-based experiences for applications and the Web.